Why Liberals and people of Left-wing ideology suffer more from depression

Amrit Hallan
3 min readJul 28, 2021


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Studies have revealed that most of the Liberals and people who identify with left-wing ideology are depressed and go through multiple mental issues.

Here is a PDF report.

This research is more comprehensive. This report brings religion into the discussion as it was found that since Conservatives are more religious compared to Liberals, they have a greater sense of purpose and rootedness.

I have been reading this book “Originals: How the non-conformists move the world” by Adam Grant, and in one of the chapters he discusses method actors. These actors get into the role, many times psychologically as well as physically. Method actors have a longer career span compared to other actors who simply act without having any feeling for the role. They get tired fast. They lose interest. The last just for a few years.

The gist of the chapter was that if you’re constantly acting the way you are actually not from the inside, and you are constantly hiding your true feelings, it begins to take its toll on your brain. Your brain is constantly tired and worn out.

The same logic can be applied on Liberals and people of Left-wing ideology. They are constantly conspiring. They are constantly lying. They are constantly spreading hatred. Even during their day-to-day interactions with their colleagues and friends, they cannot shrug their manipulative ideological and political propaganda and just be themselves.

Since most of the vocal liberals are not liberals but highly uncompromising when they come face-to-face with contrarian views and at the same time, they claim that they are tolerant and accepting of different views, I call them phiberals — phony liberals.

These phiberals are so intolerant that they have started the cancel culture. If an artist or a public figure does not subscribe to their worldview, they begin cancelling that person.

For example, JK Rowling was recently finding it difficult to publish a new book because she had expressed a different view on transgenders using women’s toilets. On my business account twitter timeline, I observed many phiberal business owners emotionally blackmailing web hosting companies to take down websites of those businesses that openly supported Donald Trump.

In India, the hold of the Left among academia and media companies — publishing, movies, music, literature, and such — is so strong that if you don’t vocally support this stream of thought, you can forget about getting your book published by publications like Random House and Penguin, or getting a role in a movie.

Since they are so negative about people of other ideologies, they are constantly generating toxins, most of the times, not even realizing it.

Studies have revealed that there are greater drug and alcoholism problems among phiberals compared to the so-called Right-wing because people among the Right-wing don’t pretend.

For example, a Modi supporter is more likely to be happier and mentally relaxed compared to let’s say a Rahul supporter or a Kejriwal supporter. Similarly, in the US, a Republican is more likely to be happy and satisfied with his or her life compared to a Democrat.



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