Why can’t Sonu Nigam bitch about Azaan without bitching about a Jagraata?

Sonu Nigam was wakened by the sound of the Azaan. He got pissed off and took to Twitter (as everyone else does these days) to vent out:

As he rightly says in his tweet that he is not a Muslim but still he is bound to be awoken by the sound of Azaan. Azaan is a call to the faithful (Muslims) made from the minaret of a mosque, informing that the time to pray is approaching or some major religious event is to take place.

Sometimes scores of loudspeakers and amplifiers are used in the mosques to make sure that no faithful misses the sound of the Azaan. Although the call is made out to the Muslims, whoever has functional ears, is subjected to the call that can be really jarring to those who live nearby.

Now, loudspeakers are used by almost all major religions in India, may it be Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs. When Guru Purab is approaching one is often, rudely, awoken by the sound of the prabhaat pheri (a group of Sikh religious people spreading the message of the Guru). During the festivals all-nighters are organised with blaring loudspeakers making sure no one is left untouched by the religious feeling. “Mata da jagrata” can be really nerve wracking if you need to study, do some work that requires some concentration, sleep, or just don’t want to have to do anything with the din.

There are laws against using loudspeakers and public address systems for religious purposes. But these laws are not implemented for obvious reasons. Even the police wouldn’t like to implement these laws because after all, using loudspeakers during religious functions is the most natural thing to do, and nobody should mind. We have been desensitised.

But everyday?

Anyway, the point is, why does a person have to sound secular in order to bitch about a particular religious nonsense? If Sonu Nigam bitches about the sound of Azaan, why does he also have to bitch about the loudspeakers in temples and gurdwaras? Even when there is no temple or gurdwara using loudspeakers in his area? Even if his sleep is being disturbed only by the sound of the Azaan?

Does it imply that if one day I feel disturbed by an ongoing Jagraata and express my annoyance on Twitter, I also have to include the nuisance created by some mosque that isn’t even there?

What I mean to say is, what sort of sick mentality are we developing that we cannot criticise one religion (especially Islam) without bringing in other religions? Why is it is assumed that you can exclusively criticise the hell out of every religion in the world but when it comes to criticising Islam, you also have to bring in other religions and make it as if the problem exists with all the religions even when the problem does not exist with other religions?

Sonu Nigam in the meantime has reacted very sportingly to the brouhaha raised after his Azaan-related tweets. His subsequent reactions are sending the secular lobby further into a tizzy of their own creation.

A maulvi in West Bengal declared that he would award Rs. 10 lacs to whomever tonsures Sonu Nigam. The singer had this to say:

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?