Why are Bollywood/Hollywood types so “liberal”?

Whenever I’m writing posts where I use terms like “liberal”, “secular”, “feminist”, “nationalist”, I don’t mean to use these terms literally because if we could use these terms literally, there was no reason to write about them. These are misused terms. So in the context of this write-up, when I refer to someone as “liberal” what I mean is someone who either pretends or thinks he or she is liberal but actually, he or she is not. Keep that in mind when you’re reading this.

Bollywood/Hollywood types often flaunt their liberal values in speeches, TV interviews and in the wake of controversies and events that give them an opportunity to flaunt their liberal values.

You will often see them or hear them sounding “smart” saying nasty things about Modi and Hindutva in India and Donald Trump in America, resulting in lots of applauds and endorsements from their starry eyed fans and followers, bosses and colleagues.

Why is it so?

Are they really the upholders of these values? It doesn’t seem like. Their duality gives them away.

Both Bollywood and Hollywood are one of the most repressive and exploitative industries in the world. If these Bollywood/Hollywood types were really liberal, they would have put up a staunch fight against all those producers, directors and actors who can’t function without groping and sexually exploiting females around them whether they are human or animal. It’s an open secret that they share women among them as common folks share books.

So, how can these Bollywood/Hollywood liberal feminists sleep at night knowing that there might be hundreds, if not thousands, of their fellow actresses being forced to give their bodies to all and sundry?

Once I read a tragic story of a Bollywood actress with whom everyone at the set had sex right from the producer to the spot boy. I don’t know if it is an exaggeration or it really happened but considering the atmosphere within this industry it can easily be within the realm of reality.

Conditions may have improved in recent times, but it is an open secret that most of the heroines in Bollywood were “possessed” by big heroes, producers and directors. I may be wrong, Raj Kapoor had a fixed doctor to whom he used to take all his heroines when they got pregnant. Suicide among South Indian actresses is quite common. The proverbial casting couch you can only escape if you come from a well-connected or influential family.

In Bollywood and Hollywood, there are Harvey Weinsteins and Woody Allens in every nook and corner.

Talking of Weinstein, now it is gradually being reveal that every top actress in Hollywood knew about his ways and many, these champions of various causes, were themselves his victims but couldn’t muster up enough courage to spill the beans until his game was up and no political support left for him.

Paedophilia is rampant both in Bollywood and Hollywood.

These pallbearers of liberalism and feminism never come together and organize marches for thousands of aspiring actors and actresses who are constantly exploited by powerful people in media. Why can’t they start a #NotInMyName campaign for their sisters in the film industry?

If any industry or a sector ever needed a heavy dose of liberal-activism, it is definitely the Bollywood/Hollywood industry.

Now, exploitation is everywhere. Remember that Manu-Singhvi-lady-judge video in which the aspiring lady judge seems to be giving a blowjob to Singhvi and asking him when he is going to make her a judge? Remember the Tarun Tejpal scandal? Rajendra Pachauri?

So, yes, where there is power, where people control people’s destinies, there is exploitation. Even students doing PhDs are often exploited by the ageing professors.

But Bollywood and Hollywood types are the most pretentious lots. They pretend as if they represent the most evolved and most civilized breed in the world and when they say something, it should be cherished like manna from heaven. Unfortunately, people admire them and since they admire them, they trust them. This is why these celebrities endorse brands and charge millions for their brand value.

Why are these people so liberal?

Most of them like to act on pre-written scripts.

Bollywood and Hollywood types are attracted to “liberalism” because it is very easy to be liberal. Liberalism has been totally skewed by phony liberals who have completely hijacked the real ideal of liberalism, due to whatever reason.

Lofty ideas like liberalism, feminism, secularism and cultural inclusion are taken as templates and not as actual values that need to be imbibed with lots of study, reading and understanding.

Using a template is very easy. Change a few words here and a few there, and you can sound all liberal and intellectual. Just a few tweaks and you are in news.

Today’s liberalism works out-of-the-box. You don’t have to understand and learn what liberalism actually is. You just know that it is cool, as it is appreciated by people you admire and more importantly, people who control your strings. Do you want to contradict JK Rowling, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, or here in India, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan or Karan Johar? No, you don’t.

Why do you think Amitabh Bachchan never comments on current state of affairs and simply sticks to inanities and his own history? He knows that there is no middle path. Either you plunge totally into the real meaning of liberalism and start expressing yourself, or you simply spout the liberal template and come out as a bimbo which, I’m sure, he doesn’t want to be known as.

To be a Bollywood/Hollywood-type liberal, you just have to memorize 20–30 lines given to you by the so-called intellectuals, activists and writers.

After that, it is simply regurgitation.

You don’t need to read much. You don’t have to try to understand contrarian views. You don’t have to study great thinkers. You don’t have to read multiple opinions and draw your own conclusions. Things are just handed out and you utter them wrapped in your own individual cuteness (or brazenness, whatever is your mojo).

Also, it is very easy to follow such a template-based liberalism. Starting a “pink-chaddi” Facebook campaign is a lot easier than roaming the streets at night and distributing blankets to people sleeping on the pavements, or barging into the office of an editor who likes to touch women colleagues here and there just to be “friendly”.

It’s very easy to say in a video that you are going to flaunt your body and it is up to you whether you want to come back home at 3 AM, or not at all. It is difficult to take a stand when your producer/director wants you to wear a revealing dress on a snowy mountainside or pretend that you are secretly admiring the chap who is publicly groping you and chasing you in the market to force you to like him as a big crowd of civilians cheers him and makes lewd gestures.

Do any of these actresses have an organization or a body that provides support to other, lesser known actresses who are exploited by big and small movers and shakers and wheelers and dealers of Bollywood and Hollywood?

There is a big, underground movie world where the worst sort of sleaze exists in the name of entertainment. Has any of these liberal individuals ever raised an audible voice against this B-grade and C-grade movie world?

Bollywood has been under the grip of the underworld for many years. How many heroes and heroines have the guts to speak up against this underworld-involvement? How many liberal actors and actresses have come forward and said it on the media that they don’t want to have anything to do with an industry that hobnobs with the underworld.

What about a #MeToo campaign for the sexual predators in Bollywood and Hollywood?

Have you ever seen or heard a Bollywood/Hollywood liberal talking for Yazidi women?

People on Facebook and Twitter are often blamed by the mainstream “journalists” as armchair warriors. No matter how much you disagree with them ideologically, politically and even morally, they are right about the “armchair warriors” thing.

The same criteria applies to the Bollywood/Hollywood types. They’re not “armchair warriors”, they are template warriors.

There is also a sinister reason why Bollywood/Hollywood types like to sound liberal.

Most of the media is controlled by the Left. The Left, again, is not referred to here for its actual meaning that could have been nice at the outset, may be in the beginning of the previous century. By the Left, I mean a cabal that likes to control your thoughts.

This cabal doesn’t want you to be a thinking individual. The Leftists constantly want to confuse you about what’s right and what’s wrong. This is why their favorite phrase is, “who gets to decide what’s right and what’s wrong?”

They don’t want you to have strong political opinions and if you have strong political opinions, these opinions should be for political outfits supported by them, and not opposed by them.

In America, if you support Hillary Clinton, you are an angel, no matter if Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the guts to leave her husband who is known to have not just sex with an intern within the Oval Office but has also had close associations with Weinstein.

Politics and media work hand in glove. People take their movies and TV shows seriously and this is why, many movie stars, without ever having worked among the people, become powerful politicians.

In South India people set themselves on fire if their favourite movie star is harassed, or even if he or she dies of natural causes. So yes, the entertainment media is very powerful, more powerful than the news media sometimes.

Political outfits use movies to either keep people in a state of delirium, confusion and cluelessness, or to propagate their ideologies.

Take for example the Bollywood movies of 60s, 70s and 80s. Most of the stories and songs were anti-industrialists because most of the industries were being nationalized.

There was always an evil businessman lurking somewhere. All rich were either bad and corrupt or totally stupid. Rich father of the girl was always trying to get the poor boy killed.

People owning big businesses and industries were always beating up or killing labour union leaders. Even shop owners were looked down upon. Only a berozgaar (unemployed) brooding, hungry (though, well-shaven and well-shampooed) hero would do.

Poor, struggling people on the other hand were noble, tragic, upright, and victims of the rich people, whether these rich people were in the cities as business owners and industrialists are in the villages as landowners or upper castes (in Indian context). The poor and helpless had all the principles and moral values. They were always “seedhe, saade, sachche log” — upright, simple and truthful people. See these song for example:

This song glorifies misery and wretchedness. It also says somewhere “Jo maza rone mein hai, muskurane mein nahi” — there is greater fun in crying than in being happy.

In this song (incidentally, another Dharmendra song)

you hear “Yeh samjho aur samjhao, thodi mein mauj manao, daal-roti khao prabhu ke gun gao” — understand this and help other people understand, make do with as little as possible, eat daal-roti and praise the Lord.

“Paise wale”, “seth log”, “zamindaar”, “motor waale”, they were all abuses.

Such songs were used because there was extreme scarcity in the country due to the lousy socialist and communist policies of the Congress government. Even for a loaf of bread people had to stand in queues. For a bottle of milk, you had to stand in line 4 o’clock in the morning otherwise you won’t get milk for the day. To get a telephone connection, you needed to wait for more than four years, that is, if the government officials deemed you fit for owning our telephone connection. 70% of the countryside didn’t have electricity and roads.

The government of the day was never blamed. Nehru-Gandhi were gods.

In American context, although Edward Snowden discovered the ugly NSA secret, the Democrats in general and Obama in particular (under whose government the surveillance was taking place) were never blamed. There was this Orwellian system that was trying to track your every move and every conversation, but no one ever blamed Obama, a liberal darling of both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Yes, (coming back to the movies) there was a corrupt politician roaming around with gold smugglers and conniving industrialists, but such a confusion was created that you could never figure out that it were the government policies that were the cause of all the problems, or at least most of the problems in the society. Not even in a single movie you will ever come across a hero saying that the socialist policies of the government were responsible for the hardships people were going through. Contrary to that, these policies were glorified and were considered a necessary evil.

The “angry young man” image of Amitabh Bachchan is often attributed to the turbulent times when the average man on the street was extremely angry with the state of affairs. But even in these movies, the protagonist is constantly fighting with evil gangsters and local goons (sometimes one of those goons would turn out to be his father who would repent in the end).

You may see corrupt social workers, journalists, activists and politicians, a la Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, but these were offbeat movies and more often than not, were considered an experiment.

A movie like Kissa Kursi Ka, that actually pinpoints how the government of the time was fucking up, was promptly banned. Nobody in Bollywood raised hue and cry.

Even in the movies where the politicians were the main villains, they never pointed out to which political ideology or party those political villains belonged to.

So, the big daddies of Bollywood closely worked with certain political outfits (in India’s case, leftist intellectuals and writers colluding with the Congress party) to constantly brainwash the public.

This brainwashing still continues. Most of the big Bollywood producers, directors, musicians and stars are pro-Congress. In Hollywood they are pro-Democrats.

In the name of secularism, liberalism and tolerance, they will tolerate every trash from Congress and oppose every thing BJP or the outlets that can be directly or indirectly connected to the BJP. Their interests lie in the Congress remaining in power because there is a vast network of interdependent individuals and their shady businesses.

Most of the statements made by the more glamorous faces of Bollywood and Hollywood are actually, simply, the endorsements of what their bosses believe in, or peddle.

Of course exceptions are always there and just like in any other sphere of life, there are also exceptions in Bollywood and Hollywood.

But mostly, since it is very easy and convenient to express the so-called “liberal” views, most of the Bollywood/Hollywood types are “liberals”.

What if they say that they put out their necks criticizing the ruling BJP government (mostly Modi/Amit Shah) in India and the ruling Republican Party (Donald Trump) in America?

Contrary to the Leftist propaganda, these parties and individuals are not as intimidating as their counterparts (the Congress and its various allies in India and the Democrats in the US). Remember that the Snowden incident happened when Obama was the President in the US. Most of the racial attacks happened in America when the Democrats were ruling.

Similarly, the Emergency in India happened during the Congress rule. The 1984 Sikh genocide happened during the Congress rule. During Indira Gandhi, no journalist had the guts to write anything against her policies. Those who did, had to pay a heavy price as you may read in Kuldip Nayar’s Beyond the Lines. Every Congress person who didn’t come from the “family” but nonetheless, developed his or her own clout, somehow either ended up dead or became politically inactive. People used to quietly disappear. Remember how Baba Ramdev was attacked during a protest? No BJP government has the guts to carry out a similar travesty.

Teista Setalvad has been trying to get Modi in jail for more than a decade. She isn’t just safe but brazenly hurtles around the country attending anti-government meets and calling the Modi government fascist.

Rana Ayyub, a shady journalist, constantly claims that she got Amit Shah jailed, and she regularly abuses the government.

Recently a journalist who expressed excitement on Twitter when Modi got sick and she thought he had caught chicken flu, was called for an important assignment by the same Modi government.

These people have never been threatened.

Now imagine Sonia Gandhi or Indira Gandhi or even Nehru…these people would have disappeared without a trace.

Do you think the liberals don’t know this? They do.

These liberals never touch issues that can get them in real trouble. For all their support for liberty and feminism you won’t find them supporting Ayaan Hirsi Ali because she speaks against Muslim orthodoxy. You see, our liberals don’t want to hear anything against Muslims being said, no matter what they do. I’m not writing this as some statement against Muslims, but this skewed behavior does more harm than good to the cause they seem to be supporting, whatever cause that is. They don’t vocally support Taslima Nasreen, in fact, they blame her for having to live in exile. They even said that Charlie Hebdo asked for it when the magazine was attacked by Islamic terrorists and killed 11 people. In India, they never speak up against Maoist/Naxalite atrocities because they know that they themselves can be attacked. They never speak up against the film-underworld connection.

With the parties like the BJP in India and the Republicans in the US, they know that these people will fret and fume, but beyond a point, they won’t go. They may get mobbed, and people may protest in front of their houses, which will fetch them fame, security, sympathy and publicity, but at least, they won’t suddenly vanish,or get assassinated, as can happen with other political and ideological dispensations.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?