Use your summer to prepare for your winter

The quote mentioned in the above image isn’t intended to nudge you towards the path of religion. While using the analogy of God, it presents to you a very useful and universal truth. The quote says that if you don’t remember God in happier times, God has this tendency to ignore you in difficult times.

Here is another quote you might have come across multiple times: luck is when opportunity meets hard work.

These days repeatedly I find myself urging people to work hard during their “normal” days. You see, our life is divided between “normal” and “challenging” days. The normal days give us the luxury to prepare ourselves for challenging days.

Whenever you feel bored that nothing exciting is happening in your life, instead of feeling bored, you should feel blessed. A state of affairs that gives you the luxury to feel bored is actually an environmental opportunity for you to prepare yourself for exciting and challenging times.

When nothing untoward is happening in our lives, when things seem to be smooth, when nothing exciting seems to be happening, we begin to take things for granted. We stop stretching ourselves. We grow comfortable. There is nothing wrong in being comfortable. What’s wrong is, resenting the fact that life is too comfortable and then not doing anything productive.

When we get into difficult times we often find ourselves unprepared. We are caught napping, to use the cliched phrase. How we meet a particular challenge depends on how we spend our “normal” times. For example, during normal times, I continue doing my Riaz without feeling bored of being bogged down by the feeling of uselessness. Then one day, suddenly I have to sing somewhere and this can really affect my career as a singer. This is when my practice that I did during my “normal” days pays off.

This is applicable to every field.

There is a night guard in our building who sits through the entire night without doing anything. Just imagine how much time he wastes simply staring into nothingness. I almost feel claustrophobic when I think of him. So whenever I come across him I urge him to read and expand his mind. He is simply wasting away all the time that he spends sitting in the chair, his elbows rested upon the table. As a night guard he doesn’t have to make the rounds. All he has to see is who uses the lift and if some stranger comes, he notes down the details and the timings. Rarely a stranger comes by. All the time he just has to sit there. So whenever I meet him I tell him to read something or do something that enriches him. To get him started, we lend him our daughter’s books so that at least he can read some good stories and his mind is occupied.

This is just one example. What I basically want to say is, don’t waste your time simply because you have lots of it. Develop your skills and abilities. You will need them when you are running short of time.

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I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?