This is what happened to the poor horse in Dehradun

Here I’m trying to paint a clear picture of what actually happened to the poor horse in Dehradun that broke his leg and there was an all-out outcry all over the social media regarding some BJP MP or some BJP protesting group attacking the horse mercilessly and rendering it maimed.

On Monday, March 14, 2016 a bizarre news started appearing on my timeline that one of the protesting BJP MPs in Dehradun had beaten up a horse badly and broken the poor animal’s leg and as a result, they’re going to have to amputate the leg. It was a heartbreaking news and obviously everybody was enraged.

Update: Here is another photograph that just appeared on Twitter that shows how exactly the horses leg broke:

It is simply a case of the leg being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As we were all very angry and wanted the involved BJP MP to be punished by the party, people started suggesting that maybe it is not as it is appearing in the news because it were the usual suspects like the NDTV and Shekhar Gupta who were mostly creating the sensational outrage. When these people and these organisations are outraging, in most of the cases you can safely assume that some sort of motivation is involved.

As you can see, he saw the “shocking footage” but he didn’t see the videos that appeared afterwards that clearly showed that the “shocking footage” wasn’t actually shocking. Even if he saw the actual videos afterwards, since they wouldn’t fit a particular narrative, of course he won’t talk about them.

Then this image in one of the news publications caught my attention:

As you can see it is justa small stick. It couldn’t have possibly broken a fully-grown police horse’s leg.

Once the media channels realised that such a small stick couldn’t have broken the horse’s leg, they conjured up another scenario in which it was a group of the protesting BJP men who first threw the horse to the ground and then beat it. If lots of men had thrown the horse on the ground and beaten it, the animal wouldn’t just have injury on his leg, he would have injuries everywhere. Of course when our mainstream media and the so-called journalists decide to propagate lies, logic is the last thing in their minds.

In just a couple of hours the news of BJP men breaking the leg of a horse spread like wildfire and every news channel and news publication covered it. As always, there was no rebuttal from the BJP.

Then Satya Vijay posted the real video of what happened, and how the NDTV report completely misrepresented the whole thing.

This link contains 2 videos. One video shows the NDTV version, and the other video shows what actually happened.

Normally when there is a protest policemen on horses are not summoned but this time they were. Anyway, there was a scuffle between the policemen on the horse and the people protesting. In the scuffle the hind leg of the horse got caught in the railing or some hole in the ground and the horse fell on its leg and due to his own weight, the leg broke. The horse didn’t receive any other injury. In fact, in the video, you can see that the protesters were totally taken aback when the horse fell and some of the protesters even tried to help. As you can see in the screenshot of the video, one of the protesters is helping the horse.

So now you know it was another hit job by the media persons and the so-called journalists.

Why am I going to all this length to explain actually what happened with the horse in Dehradun? It’s because I was really angry when I came across the news the first time. This is what I tweeted and retweeted:

A consistent pattern is, media does a hit job, we all feel bad and express ourselves in whichever manner we want and then we move on. Later on when it is proven that it was a hit job and we were outraging needlessly, we don’t go to the trouble of clearing the air. When I came across the news, the first instinct was to feel very bad about it and feel very angry at the person who had injured the horse.

Later on I discovered that it was a complete fabrication by the usual suspects and this is just my way of going to the extra length after inadvertently becoming a part of the ugly campaign.

Presented below is the open letter the BJP MPs daughter has published on Facebook:

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?