The recent spat between India and Pakistan has totally exposed the shamelessness of the Indian liberal jamaat

Amrit Hallan
10 min readMar 2, 2019

The recent spat between India and Pakistan has totally exposed the shamelessness of the Indian liberal jamaat

The Indian liberal jamaat dismantled all the walls of decency and shame during the recent Indo-Pak escalation in the wake of the dastardly Pulwama suicide attack in which 44 of our CRPF jawans were martyred.

They made a hero of an enemy nation, and a villain of their own Prime Minister. Only a suicidal, or a highly protected and entitled cabal can be so vociferously shameless. It needs to be found out what exactly is the case.

Everything that Imran Khan did was right and worthy of emulation, and everything that Modi did was obnoxious and totally disagreeable..

After years of exporting nonstop terror to India, after having caused thousands of slaughters of the innocent, Pakistan was suddenly a peace loving country and India, a proponent of war, hatred and destruction.

Their stand is alarming because they are not just fringe elements or politicians, they’re mainstream journalists, intellectuals, opinion makers and artists.

The narrative is so screwed up that when Abhinandan got captured it was Modi’s fault and when he was released, it was due to Imran Khan’s statesmanship.

What empowers them so much?

They are so fearless that they don’t even mince words. They act as the Pakistani propaganda machinery operating from the Indian soil.

It’s as if it is their birthright to support Pakistan just because the political party they favour is not in power.

Not liking a politician is one thing, but openly declaring yourself a traitor is totally different ballgame.

After the Pulwama carnage, even the BJP supporters thought that the government wouldn’t go beyond the usual “kadi ninda” (condemnation and ranting at various international forums and platforms).

There were talks of retaliation and these were followed by a video speech by Imran Khan sermonizing India on the uselessness of war and how it could be counter-productive.

Some of his ministers screamed nuclear retaliation and our liberal journalists, intellectuals and artists concurred with such a possibility and urged the Indian government to act with caution.

They tried to create a mass hysteria as if it was the Indian government that wanted to go to war with a peaceful country like Pakistan.

Pakistan’s apprehensions are understandable. Direct war with India has never ended well for them, even with comparably advanced war machinery.

Remember Patton tanks? When Pakistan got those tasks from America they claimed that just in a matter of a few days they would run over Delhi? They left their tanks in India and ran back in 1965. Our soldiers were pummeling their tanks with hand grenades!

In 1972 they lost Bangladesh. During Kargil they didn’t even claim their dead.

For Pakistan, a war of “a thousand cuts” works better. Indians rant and whine but aren’t the fighter types, and since most of the Congress-led governments were more interested in running scams and less in responding to a threat like Pakistan, the proxy war has actually paid well.

Immediately after the Pulwama terror attack Pak sympathizers in India started saying that it was a locally motivated attack and Pakistan wasn’t directly involved, even when Jaish-e Muhammed immediately took the responsibility.

Instead of questioning Pakistan, these sympathizers accused Modi of trying to gain political mileage out of the tragedy. They strongly advised against using any type of force as retaliation.

The political fallout for the opposition (hodgepodge of political parties, including the Congress, that these Pak sympathizers support and canvass for) was natural, whether one likes it or not.

And it’s justified. People become laid-back after a while. The attack suddenly woke them up to the reality of having a strong government at the Center.

And then the aerial attack in the Jaish camps happened.

Everybody knew that with elections just a few months away, Modi wouldn’t just let the Pulwama incident go uncountered, but nobody had anticipated a full-fledged campaign with fighter jets. To make the matters worse for Pak sympathizers within India, the Pakistanis were caught napping.

Panic ensued. People were already worried that the Pulwama attack could benefit Modi. The sorties would be the last nail in the coffin of the opposition.

Desperation manifested at both ends of the spectrum: Pakistan, and its props in India.

In Pakistan they got the message that for the Modi establishment, the nuclear bogey doesn’t count.

They also know that they cannot afford a full scaled war. They neither have the money for it, and as the past experience tells us, nor do they have the expertise, no matter what they get from America and China. For them, a covert war like sending fidayin to India is much more preferable.

On the Indian side, for the opposition and the Left-Lib jamaat the situation was quickly sliding into a loss-loss quagmire. Their only hope remained in portraying Modi a war monger, an opportunist and a clueless leader.

Their cries wouldn’t affect Modi’s core base, but at least it could dent his international reputation a bit, or that’s what they fervently hoped.

Iman Khan’s appeals for peace (majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi, as the saying goes in India) suddenly turned him into a demigod in the eyes of the Indian Left-Lib jamaat and its political patrons. It was like doobte ko tinke ka sahara.

It was like Baby Jesus had born again.

They started saying that look how suave, logical, statesman-like and re-conciliatory Imran Khan sounds and look how undignified, uncouth and intransigent Modi looks in comparison.

Adorable Imran. Abhorrent Modi.

And this was when the country was on the verge of going to war with a country that has caused thousands of civilian and military deaths in India through the prolonged war of “a thousands cuts”!

To save face, Pakistanis sent its F-16s into the Indian territory, and one of them was downed by our competitively outdated Mig-21 (a Congress-era legacy).

Unfortunately, due to a technical snag, the pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had to eject, and was captured by the Pakistanis.

The photo of him being roughed up got circulated on the social media with Pakistanis teasing Indians and Indians outraging.

The liberal jamaat started issuing “I told you so” statements.

“Look what you have gotten us into,” they started yelling.

If he hadn’t tried to use the war for political gain, this wouldn’t have happened, they said.

A soldier may have to pay with his life for Modi’s machinations, they started screaming from their privileged rooftops (and this when we’re not supposed to have freedom of expression in the country).

The horrifying instances of what happened to Captain Saurabh Kalia (he was tortured and mutilated to death along with five other soldiers) after being captured by Pakistan were raised, without criticizing Pakistan, of course.

Hash tags to bring Abhinandan back were started. Celebrities started exhorting the government to quit talking about war and just focus on bringing Abhinandan back.

Here’s Kanchan Gupta’s article that explains how exactly the same template was used to put massive pressure on the government to give in to the demands of the terrorists after the Kandahar hijacking, due to which the Indian government had to release the dreaded terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar.

The Left-Lib jamaat, along with its political masters, wanted to use the same tactic to put the government on the backfoot and return to the status quo of remaining submissive to Pak bullying.

The government of India, all along, maintained a steely silence.

This was more nerve wracking for the liberal jamaat.

This is the typical Modi way of working.

He quietly does what he needs to do, without bothering, about what the others are saying, like the proverbial elephant that majestically goes about his stuff while the dogs around him bark.

He followed the same approach when he was maliciously and relentlessly targeted and witch-hunted after the 2002 Gujarat riots.

No matter what you throw at him, he chooses his own time to respond.

The Left-Lib jamaat who had run out of steam got a new lease of life when Pakistan declared that it’d be releasing Wing Commander Abhinandan within two days.

This was unprecedented. It was a major muscle as well as diplomatic win for the Modi governments.

No dossiers. No appeals to the international community. No high-level meetings. No calls to peace by the Indian government.

Just a stern warning to Pakistan: release Wing Commander Abhinandan or else.

Pakistan had its back up against the wall, so tightly that it couldn’t even breath. There was no other option for it but to quickly stress upon the importance of peace and Abhinandan’s release.

According to Geneva Convention Pakistan needed to release Abhinandan within 7 days, but the Indian government wasn’t ready to wait even for a week. Pakistan was told to release him immediately, no conditions attached. Pakistan got the message and complied.

It’s said that Pakistan thought that India would launch a missile if they harmed Wing Commander Abhinandan in any manner.

This was a double whammy for the Left-Lib jamaat in India.

The Modi government had achieved what their favorite UPA government couldn’t have even dreamed of achieving.

After 26/11 the Congress lead UP government was left whimpering and grovelling in front of the international community that had already grown tired of India’s constant whimpering and grovelling. Who wants to listen to cry-babies?

Even when the Indian Air Force wanted to strike, the Congress government didn’t give the permission.

And now, sorties were sent within 14 days, a Pakistani F-16 was downed, and the pilot’s release was ensured within a day, without any compromise.

It’s the stuff dreams are made off, and the liberal jamaat is crestfallen that it has been done by their bête noire rather than their own political masters who failed miserably at every opportunity.

With a single stroke Modi has also pulverized the notion that since Pakistan is a nuclear weapons country and hence, conventional war is not possible, and India cannot go beyond complaining and whining.

This perception has also been magnified by the Indian intelligentsia, providing fill support the Pakistani establishment from within India.

So, at both the levels the Left-Lib jamaat has been hit.

Someone they loathe has achieved something that would have been impossible under their favorite regime, and no excuse for inaction remains if Pakistan launches another misadventure.

India can make Pakistan its bitch whenever India wants.

To be frank, Modi’s response was predictable to people who support him.

The cynical and politically loaded response of the Left-Lib jamaat was also expected, but the way they have gone heels over head on Imran Khan’s every statement reeks of utter shamelessness, hypocrisy and entitlement.

I’m not including screenshots because I don’t want to promote these people, but one journalist said that Imran Khan won the day in terms of pure optics.

What is this? A Manikchand Filmfare Awards ceremony?

Our soldiers have been dying routinely, and this person is floored by the optics.

How low, morally, a person has to be, to publicly issue such statements, without feeling ashamed of himself or herself?

Another journalist called Imran Khan swashbuckling cricket captain.

Swashbuckling? Really? Is it a cricket match? You are talking about a country that has terror training camps that carry out Pulwama type attacks and kill our soldiers. What’s next? May the best soldier win in the war? What a hit by that handsome Pakistani soldier — he has totally blown our soldier to pieces with that underarm throw of the grenade!

Although these are just two instances, no liberal worth his or her salt has missed the opportunity to deride and lampoon the Indian Prime Minister and praise the Pakistani Prime Minister.

It’s as if they have a WhatsApp group in which they get detailed instructions on such statements. They’ve been out competing each other on who can make more ridiculous statements.

And this is when everything has turned out to be in India’s favor.

The mastermind of the Pulwama attack was killed within 100 ours.

Territories and camps were hit across the LOC with fighter jets, sending a strong message to Pakistan and telling it that we don’t give two hoots about its nuclear capabilities.

This news report from Times of India says that before the Indian Air Force strike, there were 300 active SIM cards in the area and after the attack, there were none.

“During technical surveillance, it emerged that there was presence of around 300 mobile phones with active signal strength inside the facility in the days leading up to the strike. The facility was destroyed by the IAF fighters,” the sources, who wished to remain anonymous due to first-hand involvement in operational matters, said.

The sources added that other intelligence agencies had also corroborated NTRO’s assessment of active targets with inputs of similar number of Jaish operatives at the Balkot facility.

Our pilots felled Pakistan’s state-of-the-art F-16 with an antiquated Mig 21.

Our soldier was released within two days of his capture.

Pakistan is talking peace and no longer issuing nuclear threats.

Despite all this, it’s the fumbling property-dealer-looking Imran Khan who impresses the Left-Lib jamaat.

What do these people smoke?

What gives them so much sense of security?

Supporting political parties and constantly bitching about Modi is understandable, but what motivates them to praise Pakistan and Imran Khan during such sensitive times.

Why don’t they want Pakistan cornered?

Is it just because someone they detest is cornering Pakistan and they would rather have someone like RG wielding so much international and regional influence, or is there something deeper?

These are pertinent questions.

In Punjabi there is a saying: apna maarega wi tan chhan che suttega — which roughly translates to “if he is related to you, even if he beats you to pulp, he will leave you in shade”, which means, no matter how bitter an enemy he becomes, there will be some traces of care for you.

These traces of care do not seem to belong among the Left-Lib jamaat. If they don’t like you, they will collude with the worst of your enemies to ensure your downfall in the worst possible manner.

Doesn’t matter if you belong to their own country.

They have sold their soul to the devil.



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