Smriti Irani ko gussa kyun aata hai? And why can’t help being cheap

Today the Telegraph has had the following headline:

This is in response to Smriti Irani’s fiery and fact-filled speech in the Parliament in the wake of the ongoing JNU controversy as well as the suicide of a PhD student. She had come prepared with the facts. She was brandishing testimonies and legal papers not from the people who had been appointed by the present government but by the previous government. She was presenting documented evidence in the Parliament to prove that how she and her government had not meddled with the affairs of the college where Rohith Vemula was doing his PhD before committing suicide. She was presenting facts on how the people, whether they were students or politicians, wouldn’t allow police and health workers to check up on Rohith. Maybe he hadn’t even died, she said in the Parliament. But still, since nobody allowed the police and the health workers to come near the student, it can never be found now. I tweeted this:

Here is her speech if you want to listen to it:

About the JNU fracas she showed letters from the faculty and the internal security team regarding how the errant students had flaunted the law and had gone on with the event even when the university authorities had disallowed. There antinational slogans are also well documented by the internal staff of JNU.

She presented documented evidence of how these students have been raising antinational slogans within the walls of the University in total collusion with many Marxist professors. You can write a complete book on the facts and figures that she presented in the Parliament with so much passion that it can bring tears to your eyes.

During the speech she said to Rahul Gandhi, who had decided to fled knowing quite well he won’t be able to withstand the attack

I am sure Rahul doesn’t know that even today that among the chancellors of central universities, there are 20 VCs who were appointed by the Congress, 16 VCs were again appointed by the Congress. I challenge any of these Congress-appointed VCs to come and say with evidence that I have saffronised them, I will quit politics.

But the leftist media just sees anger and rhetoric. The Telegraph comes up, in the wake of her Parliament speech, with the following headline: “Mother India, at your service and ready for the supreme sacrifice, here comes, AUNTY NATIONAL”.

The funny thing is, The Telegraph article doesn’t even take up Smriti Irani point by point. For a speech that goes on for an hour, a speech that is replete with irrefutable facts, The Telegraph article cherry picks one-liners that were spoken in the heat of passion (which manipulative and scheming minds never experience) and then it goes gaga over some obscure “Harvard professor” and publishes his speech that he gave in the Parliament. If you go through the professor’s speech, as it happens with all such speeches, it is full of emotional rhetoric and the repetition of lies that have been conjured up by the leftist cabal.The Telegraph editorial team knows that nobody knows the “Harvard professor” but everybody will rush to read the outrageous headline about Smriti Irani and this is why, even while intending to publish the speech given by the professor, they purposely used provocative title involving Smriti Irani. There was no substance in his speech.

Anyway, what prompted me to write this was another article on (I recently analysed why survives but Niticentral didn’t) titled “Smriti Irani ko gussa kyun aata hai?” The title is as trite as the article is pointless. Based on an art flick “Albert Pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai?” the use of this title has been beaten to pulp ever since then.

Just like The Telegraph article, this too is a pointless article. At least The Telegraph article talks about a “Harvard professor” ranting inside the Parliament. These cheapstakes don’t even have a Harvard professor to brag about. All they can do is use innuendos to make personal attacks. How does it matter whether her ascent has been easy or difficult as long as she does her job? How does it matter how her career graph has been and what was her previous occupation (remember how these guys were defending that pervert Manu Singhvi who was videoed enjoying a blow job from an aspiring judge, that it was his personal affair?)?

If you want to counter her, counter the debate. All the writer does is, she (at least her name sounds like a she, but with them you never know) mentions the exchange that Smrit had with that anti-Brahmin Mayawati who just huffs and puffs and is no match to the erudite Smriti.

They go on their own tangent, totally forgetting that the article was supposed to be about Smriti’s speech in the Parliament. Not a single point made by Smriti has been countered by the writer of the article. The entire purpose of the article is not to analyse what was going on, but what has been going on prior to the speech in the Parliament. It’s like an attempt to character assassinate using a pillow.

These are lazy people. Countering Smriti’s speech, point by point, would have taken some real hard work and lots of imaginative lying. Since most of the time they are regurgitating the same stuff their minds have gotten used to dabbling with the nonsensical gobbledygook that they have been peddling in the name of “asking uncomfortable questions” for years. If you go through their articles, they are simply rehashes of previously written articles. Year after year after year they repeat the same stuff using some article-spinning software. Remember that spam spam spam skit from Monty Python? Here is the video

This is exactly what the left-lib cartel has been doing. The only difference is, the original skit was funny and nonsensical, but these people are quite dangerous and causing lots of problems for the country. You can’t act that stupid without having a clearly-defined purpose. A normal person, just driven by ideology, would have started feeling uneasy and awkward by the sheer lack of imagination and originality in the arguments, but not these people, because they are professionals. All they want to do is create lots of diversion and useless noise.

At the time of the UPA they created useless noise so that people wouldn’t get much time to pay attention to the overwhelming corruption and incompetence of the government, and they create useless noise now at the time of the BJP government (okay fine, the NDA government) so that people never get enough time to think about all the work the government is doing and instead, they think that only trouble is taking place in the country. They are professional spammers.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?