Naseeruddin Shah’s article: instead of accusations, we need to understand the root cause

When Ratna and I decided to marry, discussing conversion and anticipating the social problems we might have couldn’t have been further from our minds. But over the past few years, the nightmarish possibility of my children being someday confronted by a mob demanding to know their religion could be inching closer to reality.

But till the length of Sania Mirza’s skirt causes more agitation than the lack of modern education and employment opportunies for our community, as long as we hesitate to condemn the sadistic madness of the ISIS (that we haven’t heard too many Hindu voices condemn the lynching of innocent Muslims by gaurakshaks is immaterial), so long as we continue to spawn ‘believers’ without giving a thought to their upbringing, or continue to dilly-dally on the removal of an outdated heavily misogynistic tradition, we only help reinforce the belief so easily held that we support or at least condone violence and regression.

The problem is with the lopsided agenda.

“Kisi police wale me himmat nai thi ki pakkad le…Kya naam hain Omar aur tera Abdula…aacha ja. Police were so afraid that they thought if they took action, “Vidhayak ji’ will not spare them,” he said.

There is Hindu terror. There is saffron terror. But otherwise terror has no religion.



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Amrit Hallan

Amrit Hallan

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?