Narendra Modi, Arun Shourie and our perceptions

Arun Shourie has again criticized Prime Mister Narendra Modi and this time he doesn’t mince words. In a recent interview, Arun Shourie has this to say about the government and Modi, “A one-man government run by a Machiavellian narcissist, posing great danger to civil liberties and dissent.”

There is one thing disagreeing on policies and on things government is doing or not doing but it’s a totally different thing if you mount personal attacks like calling someone “Machiavellian narcissist”. This must be poetry to the ears of Modiphobes.

To be frank, I have respected Arun Shourie for a long time. So I can’t take his words lightly. Why is he talking like that? Before Modi became the PM, he was supporting him, he wanted him to become the PM. Modi had been the Gujarat Chief Minister for more than a decade and Arun Shourie knew whether Modi was a narcissist or not. It’s not that he turned narcissist just after becoming the PM. So what has changed?

However much I know Arun Shourie, I know him by his books. In the all-pervasive sea of intellectual mediocrity, he was an island of some respite. I have never been a great fan of his writing style, but when it comes to presenting facts, he presents them in droves. He can inundate you with information that you cannot refute. For years he has been dismantling the phony citadels of Marxist historians and intellectuals, revealing their conspiracies and exposing their nexus. The good thing about his writing is that he doesn’t mince words.

I have slightly known him personally from my school days and whenever we met he has always been very loving, affectionate, friendly and amiable although later on I observed that he calls everybody “my dear friend”, which is quite annoying.

Coming back to the what has changed part.

Is he angry that he has been ignored by the Narendra Modi government? Is something going in the background that we are not aware of?

When the new government came to power many were expecting Arun Shourie to become the Finance Minister. If not Finance Minister, then definitely the HRD Minister because of his intellectual background.

So, many were, including myself, quite disappointed to see him not included in the government. In fact, it was shocking, considering the fact that Arun Jaitley was made Finance Minister — everybody knows that he is quite hostile to Narendra Modi. He is the Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party when Obama was trying to be the POTUS.

Even when the major people in the BJP were criticizing Narendra Modi, Arun Shourie was praising him. I don’t know whether it is true or not, Arun Jaitley is often reported to be belonging to the BJP coterie that was constantly trying to pull the rug from under Narendra Modi when he was being nominated for the post of PM.

Arun Shourie on the other hand, was supporting him in multiple interviews.

Surprisingly, in the recent interview he seems to be constantly blabbering, although I don’t want to use this term for him. He is not able to say even complete sentences. He hops from one issue to another without completing the previous issue. He sounds like an uncle who is totally unaccustomed of speaking on public issues but is made to speak on them, so whatever comes to his mind, he blurts out. The poor man seems to have been briefed.

Take for example his comments on intolerance and beef ban. Every informed person knows that these were mostly media-created controversies. If you want to blame team-Modi, you can blame it for mishandling the hit jobs carried out by the media, but you cannot blame it for being the cause of these controversies. Has Arun Shourie been living in a cave?

Throughout the interview he is eating out of that Thapar chap’s hands. What a downfall.

If Arun Shourie resents that he was not made a minister, he should say so. There is nothing undignified in this. He is after all full of ideas and he would like to implement some of those ideas. He had started a few projects that were shut down after the 2004 elections so maybe he would like to restart them. He should say so. Even if he is pissed off, he should say so, that is totally fine.

Undignified is, the sort of personal remarks he is making. Undignified is that he has joined the gang of the bozos who want to maintain the old dispensation of the corrupt and immoral. He is sounding like the people he has spoken against throughout his life. He has become a joker of their circus.

This is a tragic end to an illustrious career.

I have also mentioned the world “perceptions” to the title of this post.

We develop our own perceptions of people. I liked (to an extent still like) Arun Shourie because of my perceptions but there are many who think that he is not to be trusted and there was a reason why Narendra Modi didn’t include him in the cabinet. Remember that Modi has a very stringent surveillance system. Arun Shourie might had been, along with a few other individuals, responsible for the crushing downfall of the NDA government in 2004. I don’t know if this is true or not but as common folks we are often unaware of the 99.99% stuff taking place behind the doors.

Sometimes we don’t know, because of our perceptions, who is a hero and who is a villain. Ever since I have become politically conscious, many of my former heroes have turned out to be villains. It is often heartbreaking, but it is good to face the reality rather than burying your head into the ground like an ostrich and pretending that everything is fine.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?