If both India and Pakistan have nuclear bombs, why only Indians feel threatened?

Many people have been asking this question, that why does only India worry about a nuclear conflagration if both the countries -- India and Pakistan -- have nuclear warheads?

Pakistan continues to send terrorists on India's side and it also engages in military adventurism on a regular basis, and when India as little as even talks of a military retaliation, Pakistan starts threatening India with nuclear attack, and even people on the Indian side start talking about the “devastating consequences” if India takes a tough stance.

Why doesn't India ever issue a nuclear threat? Why don't we say we're going to nuke the hell out of Pakistan if it unleashes another terrorist attack on our country?

People asking such questions are either naive, or they don't actually believe that Pakistan is a rogue country, a terrorist country, and most of the people running the show over there have a criminal mentality. They don't mind destruction.

It's like goons. A normal, law-abiding citizen tries to avoid physical and verbal conflict for as long as possible, whereas a bully, a goon, is ready to fight at slightest pretext.

Pakistan has fidayeens in every nook and corner. How many fidayeens do we have? Even if Pakistan gets destroyed while trying to nuke India, they will consider it as holy jihad, instead of plain annihilation, like Indians will do.

Here in India the purpose of our living is to be left alone in peace, to be given enough space to prosper and take care of our families, and to avail basic amenities like roads, electricity, communications, schools, colleges, hospitals and decent law and order. In Pakistan, the sole purpose of their living is destruction of infidels in general and India in particular. That's it. And in the process if they are destroyed, so be it.

Therefore, culturally, economically, socially and emotionally Indians have much to lose in case there is a nuclear conflagration. Pakistanis don't aspire in those terms, so they've got not much to lose. This is why Pakistanis start talking about nuclear and atom bombs the moment we utter “military action” and we never mention nuclear or atom bombs even when they threaten to use them against us.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?