Delhi violence: The Left is vicious, relentless and destructive

Image source: MyNation

A couple of days ago I was reading an American blogger who has been a Democrat but is now thinking of voting for the Republicans in the coming elections.

She says that she is completely disenchanted by the cult-like or mafia-like behavior of the Left: you simply cannot disagree.

The moment you disagree, the moment you utter even a small phrase of praise for the opposite side, the guns come out and the dogs are unleashed on you.

The problem with the Left is that as long as it gets to criticize the opposite side, the Right in India and the Republicans in America and elsewhere, it doesn’t mind harming the interests of even its own country.

There has been an unrest going on in Delhi in the wake of the Shaheen Bagh siege that has been going on for the past two months. During the anti-CAA protests in many parts of the country, since only one side was protesting, despite provocation and acts of violence and vandalism, there was no counter violence.

People had been attacked simply for carrying the national flag and expressing their support for the CAA (Citizens Amendment Act). A peaceful procession in support of the act was brutally attacked by the police in the Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh and there were still no protests against the brutality in any other part of the country.

Ever since a fresh wave of violence erupted in the national capital, Muslims and Left journalists have been sharing highly disturbing images and video footage on social media with impunity. Multiple times it has been proven that these images and videos either belong to a different place or they are very old.

Even if these images are real — when large-scale civil unrest takes place acts of barbarism happen — does it make sense to circulate such images and encourage even those people to come out on the streets who are otherwise sitting at homes?

For example, there was this image of a mosque minaret being vandalized. It was first shared by a renowned fake news peddler and communal instigator Rana Ayyub.

The Delhi Police promptly tweeted saying that the video of the minaret being vandalized is false. Many on Twitter claimed that the video was from another place, from another time.

She deleted the video, and then again posted it, claiming that the video is genuine. There are many news agencies, mostly Leftist, that are claiming that the video is genuine.

Whether the video is genuine or fake, whether it is from Delhi or from elsewhere, is it, in any way, contributing to bringing down the tension?

What is the meaning of posting such a video? That a mosque is being vandalized so it makes perfect sense to vandalize a temple somewhere else or resort to violence because your mosque is being vandalized?

Videos of people being beaten up are constantly being shared by the Leftist and Muslim journalists. This is pure instigation.

Here is a screenshot that I got from a news aggregator. It literally says that Hindu mobs are killing Muslims.

In another screenshot, although you can clearly see that it’s a Muslim mob (Hindus don’t wear skull caps) but the caption beneath the image says that “Hindu mobs are throwing petrol bombs…”

How irresponsible could one get?

Just imagine if someone writes about Muslim mobs are killing Hindus — that journalist or that news outlet will be immediately branded as communal and bigoted and will be accused of spreading hatred.

Hindus are not being killed? I have a video footage of Hindu man beaten and burned to death simply because his motorbike had a “Jai Shri Ram” sticker. It’s a disturbing video. I’m not sharing it here.

In another video footage that I have got, Hindu neighbors are on their roofs while Muslims down on the street are on a rampage.

There was a panicked Tweet last midnight that 100 Hindu families were surrounded by a sword wielding Muslim mob in a Delhi neighborhood and the police was not responding. Fortunately, the police arrived in time and the families were saved.

A Muslim drilled a hole in a boys head and left him to die there with the drill still inside the head.

Updates about people in Hindu neighborhoods where surrounding neighborhoods are Muslim, are moving with their relatives in other cities or other parts of the cities where Muslim population is not dense, are continuously being shared by worried friends and relatives.

A Muslim mob lynched an IB Officer when he tried to save another person from being lynched. His dead body was thrown into a sewer.


What I’m trying to say is, there is no shortage of barbarism against Hindus too. The difference is, the Hindus don’t have the mainstream press backing for them whereas, even if a Muslim is killed in self-defense, it is termed as a pogrom. It is not kosher to talk about violence perpetrated upon Hindus by Muslims but everything is fair game the other way round.

All these Leftist journalists and Muslim artists/intellectuals really helping Muslims? They are not.

By constantly portraying one community as a victim and the other community as an aggressor they are antagonizing and instigating both the communities.

I’ve seen that the Right on the other hand, posts videos and images after completely verifying them. The Right journalists and even activists, on the other hand, are constantly advising each other to first completely verify the information before sharing it or forwarding it.

No, even on the Right sharing images and videos of violence doesn’t help unless these images and videos are being shared with the police as evidence or for the sake of asking for help.

Being a writer, I can easily read between the lines. When news of violence is being reported by the Leftist journalists (I won’t repeatedly mention Muslim journalists and intellectuals because they are more-or-less the same), there is an unwritten glee in the way the words are used. It is as if all this time they had been waiting to report such news and now since violence is happening, they’re having a field day.

It’s like, what a great thing to talk about Muslims being killed by Hindu mobs in India. Now we get to show to the rest of the world what a terrible place India is. She

They don’t seem to be able to understand that violence is no good. It leaves indelible scars on all the involved communities. They are comfortably sitting somewhere completely safe, even in foreign countries. They are receiving WhatsApp messages, Twitter updates and what not. Then they embellish these messages with their own creativity and broadcast them to add fuel to the fire.

They don’t care that communities are being pitched against each other. They don’t care that they are instigating violence. They just want to show how bad the situation is, just because the political party they don’t like is in power.

Deplorable. Very dangerous.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?