“1984” actually depicts a dystopian leftist world

These days left liberals are feeling very good that more people are buying “1984” especially in the wake of Donald Trump becoming the US President. Although I haven’t yet decided whether I like Donald Trump or dislike him, I have been observing left liberals for many years now and have found that they are a very duplicitous breed. They call themselves liberal whereas they are the most illiberal individuals I have ever seen.

Since recently “1984” by George Orwell was sold out on Amazon, the leftist intellectuals in America have assumed that people are fearful about Donald Trump’s Big Brother attitude. If it is about Left vs Right, then these confused and upset people are desperately trying to cling to straws that are not even there.

If you have read the book, with an unbiased mind, you will immediately know that all the tactics followed by the Big Brother in “1984" are actually followed by the Leftist propaganda machinery, in various degrees of severity.

People are constantly brainwashed. They are turned into intellectual zombies. Past events are re-written. Historical facts are expurgated. People are not allowed to express themselves. Complete mind control is exercised. Constant effort is made to make people dependent on the State and select individuals for almost everything. They’re forced to live on handouts because economic progress is looked down upon for common folks.

All these tactics are used ruthlessly in communist/socialist countries/societies/strata, and conspiratorially, in functional democracies like India and America.

But the philosophy is the same: don’t allow people access to actual information, curb or adulterate their ideologies, cause ideological confusion, and constantly keep them in a state of strife.

This is exactly what the liberal, leftist intelligentsia and politicians do. In the name of political correctness, in the name minority appeasement, in the name of feminism, in the name of human rights, in the name of freedom of expression and in the name of personal liberties, they constantly make the common man and woman feel apologetic of his and her very existence.

Why I say that what’s described in “1984" is a Leftist tendency and not Rightist is because the Leftists have created an elaborate machinery that the Rightists haven’t. Leftists have infiltrated the academia, the arts, the politics, the pop culture, the elitist circles, the entertainment media, the news media, the publishing world, the bureaucracy, the various rights bodies, the NGOs, and now, even the sciences. Not a single realm they have left unsullied.

Who despises the social media the most? The Leftists and liberals. Have you ever come across a Rightist lamenting about too much freedom on social media? I don’t think so.

The Leftists are constantly accusing people on social media of being abusive and intolerant (while constantly setting new benchmarks for being abusive and intolerant themselves).

Although they are always chanting mantras of freedom, the moment something goes against their understanding, they begin to doubt the very concept of freedom. I have also mentioned this link in one of my previous Medium posts: the author of this Wired article wonders whether these days people enjoy too much freedom and hence, doing the totally opposite of what they should be doing because, they are not evolved enough to process raw information.

Speaking of raw information. Technology allows you to access information that is not manipulated by the traditional media. You have direct access to raw information these days because of technology. So now technology is bad. It used to be good, but now it is bad.

You know what’s their real problem? Although these Leftists and liberals constantly act as if they are the champions of free speech, they are scared of free speech. They are scared of freedom. Just like the Big Brother of “1984" (there’s actually no brother per se), they fear your freedom. They are scared of people being able to think for themselves.

Suddenly, people are too free. Information is too easily available. Everybody can publish these days. Everybody can build a followership. Everybody can have a platform. Everybody can have a broadcasting channel. Everybody can counter established journalists. People like Modi and Trump can win elections!

These Leftists have perfected the art of espousing causes that they don’t actually espouse. They seem to be writing for the women’s causes but in the name of inclusiveness they end up supporting religious practices that are antithetical to women’s freedom. Burqa and hijab, for these Leftists and feminists, are signs of personal identity and women’s liberation.

In the name of supporting marginalised groups, they support terrorist and extremist groups crying victimhood and religious phobias. They conveniently look away or keep mum while the worst human rights violations are being committed by the communities they pretend to serve.

They have perfected the art of brainwashing to such an extent that in the civilised world, despite being the most illiberal human beings, despite being the most backward -looking individuals, they are known as liberal and forward-looking.

Since they control the media, the publishing houses, the entertainment companies and the academia, they manufacture information as if in the chaotic mass of humanity where everybody is out to kill everybody, they are the saving grace.

They are the pall bearers of righteousness. They are going to save the animals. They are going to save the environment. They are going to save the downtrodden. They are going to save the religious minorities. They are going to save the women. They are going to get child labour abolished. They are going to get bestiality legalised. They are going to fight for the tribals. They are going to uphold the most liberal values humanity has ever conceived. And they tell you how to think.

This is their most potent weapon. They have the machinery to control how you think. This begins to happen since childhood. My daughter’s history book is atrocious, to put it mildly. It constantly paints the majority Hindu community as backward and villainous and every other community as victims of upper caste Hindus. They have purposely written the history in such a manner that you don’t even have an iota of pride in your culture and heritage.

Arun Shourie has written a complete book explaining how educational material is tampered to turn victims into perpetrators and perpetrators and victims.

Recently there was an expose on Times Now on how Teesta Setalvad tried to distort history in 6th and 7th class books to pitch a minority community against the majority community — and this is in the times of social media and 24 x 7 TV news channels. You can very well imagine what used to happen in the 70s, 80s and 90s when these individuals had a free run.

Children grow up reading this literature and they are then a ripe ground to tread upon for more such theories and brainwashing episodes. And by the time they become adults, they are completely brainwashed and brainwashed to such an extent that even if you try to change their opinion, they’re not ready to change it. A few ones, lucky ones, maybe by a fluke, get to develop their own mind. Very few.

This is a sophisticated mechanism. It requires farsightedness, a concerted effort and the clarity of purpose. And unadulterated viciousness.

So why can’t the Rightists develop such a machinery? Why isn’t it prudent to compare the Rightists with what happens in “1984”?

Rightists are a clueless lot. Let’s derive an example from cricket first.

In a one-day cricket match, often, the team that comes to bat later has an edge over the team that has already batted. The team that bats later on has to chase a target and when you know what’s the target, you know what strategy to follow.

The problem with the Rightists is that despite being the team that has come to bat after the Leftists have already batted, they have no clue how to play. They have no system in place. They don’t have the needed intelligentsia and even if they have the intelligentsia, it is not organised and it does not move like a self-sustaining mass the way the Leftist intelligentsia moves. They are not sophisticated. They have not perfected the art of being pretentious. They are not vicious enough. They don’t know how to pretend to be something they are not. They are too opinionated. They are too obsessed with what they think what’s right and what’s wrong rather than thinking of some common goal. They normally work as islands.

Leftists are ants who build bridges with their bodies so that everybody can cross the abyss. Rightists are crabs, and I don’t have to tell you what crabs do.

The Rightists don’t know the “I” of information warfare. They half-heartedly try to imitate the Leftists, but, since it’s an half-hearted attempt, an afterthought, nothing much comes out of it. The Leftists have been at it for decades. They are far ahead. Whereas the Rightists have just started their schooling and wiping their noses and dawdling around cluelessly in primary classes, the Leftists have already gotten their PhDs in information and psychological warfare.

Besides, if you know the background of “1984”, it was written keeping the Communist regimes in mind — a bastion for the left.

But these Leftists are so cunning that they have associated even a fear that depicts what happens when the Left is given a free hand, to the Rightist ideology.

That’s their strength.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?